Sunday, June 12, 2016

Men! Meat!

I'm not sure when it started, but it has become something of a 'thing' at our house. Whenever I'm not around, Bee likes to grill out and stand at the grill, basically eating meat right off the grill. On a particular evening recently, Bee sent me some pictures of he and the boy eating. This time, they threw in some green beans with their slabs of meat. I'm foreseeing that this will continue being a 'thing' for a very long time.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Night Leftovers: The Summer Life Edition

  • Tot had her well visit this past week. Somehow we are about three months behind on all our well visits. No shots for the girl and everything was exactly as it should be.
  • The girls got their swim meet ribbons on Wednesday this week. Instead of practice the team provides donuts, hands out ribbons, and then everyone is allowed to free swim before the pool opens. This is also the time when the coaches work with anyone who has been disqualified. Tot got 9th in freestyle and 12th in backstroke. Bean placed 22nd in freestyle :) I'm quite impressed with their first ever swim meet results. 
  • The girls were definitely not as impressed with their ribbons as I was. 
  • This swim team practice business is exhausting. We have to get up early every morning and spend an hour and a half at the pool every weekday. While we could certainly skip it, there's no skipping anything in Tot's world.
  • Blue continues to go to preschool a couple days a week. It's been tough to find a  balance between sending him so he doesn't get out of the habit of going and dealing with my Mommy guilt. I want him to be home as much as possible but the more he's home, the harder it is for him to go back to school.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Summer Vacation Rules

The girls have been out of school for two weeks now. I did things a little differently this summer. I started the list. The list of all lists. The Summer Vacation Rules list.
Last summer Tot had to read and do math every day. This year I've upped the ante for both girls.
Before the girls can have any screen time, they have to complete everything on their list. I have the paper in a sheet protector and as they go through their day, they check things off with a dry erase marker.
So far, they've been at it for about a week and a half and every day, they finish their lists. Some days take longer than others, but they slowly make their way through it.
Unbelievably, they haven't complained about it and I've been loving the clean rooms and extra help around the house!
Follow up to come...

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Swim Meet Met!

This afternoon the girls had their first swim meet.
It was a lot of what I expected and a lot of what I wasn't expecting.
What I expected: Lots of people, nerves, crying, a little chill in the air.
What I didn't expect: Lots and lots and lots of waiting, a very quick race, a lot of chilly weather.
Tot swam two races, the freestyle and backstroke. She did really well and I was excited to see just how quickly she swam! You don't really get how fast your kid can swim until you see them swimming against other kids.
Bean swam the freestyle. I was a little worried about her because she was pretty worried beforehand and I could tell about halfway into her race she was trying not to cry. In the end, there were tears. She was upset because she didn't hear the buzzer and didn't jump in fast enough. Essentially, she knew she was behind from the onset and that upset her. She didn't come in last in her heat though, so she still did just fine.
I also had no idea that both girls had the type of technique they exhibited during the race. I was pretty darn impressed. 
I'm kind of excited to watch this unfold this summer!

Monday, June 6, 2016

A Bird In Her Hair

Doesn't every kid don an all pink coordinated outfit and put a bird in her hair to go walk down to the neighbor's house? The teenage years are going to be something to reckon with.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Quirky or Just Specific?

Dear children,
Your dad says I'm quirky.  For example:
  • I don't like drinking out of glass. And milk out of glass is blasphemy. Plastic cups please.
  • I have been told that I might brush the enamel off my teeth. Apparently I am an abnormally long tooth brusher.
  • I don't like ice water. Water is good. Ice water is too cold. It's true and I'm just sayin'.
  • The smell of old food bothers me. I would rather throw an entire container of leftovers away than have to dump the leftovers out of the container and smell them. I do attribute this quirk to being pregnant and all day "morning sickness" x 3.
  • Don't touch me with your feet, especially your toenails. Ever. Ew. 
  • When doing laundry it bugs me when people fold over socks onto each other. I prefer tying them together, with the toe of one sock lined up with the top of the other, so the tops don't get stretched out. Am I alone on this?
Honestly, he might be right. I like to think that I just like things to be specific.


Saturday, June 4, 2016

Dancing Dolls

Another dance season is done and the recital is complete. This year was an extra short recital for our family because Bean was only enrolled in ballet and both girls were in the same class. One dance.
It's kind of amazing that they spend a whole year learning skills, technique, and a routine only to be on stage for a mere minute or so. It's an adorable minute though. I'm always so impressed that they get up on that stage without any fear or hesitation. I asked them this morning if they could see out into the audience and they said no, so I'm thinking that might help with the nerves.
I love the excitement of recital day and how it rejuvenates them. They always come away wanting to return to dance for another year.
No pictures of the actual recital since there are too many other faces to blur and no after recital picture since it gives away too much personal information. But, here are these beauties. And I swear Bean's blush didn't look that obnoxious under the fluorescent lights.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Soccer Season Done!

Another soccer season in the books.
It was a really good season for Tot and a trying season with Blue.

Tot got considerably more comfortable on the field this year. She went after the ball, she attempted a few goals, and she was just a sliver more aggressive. Aggressive is not a word in Tot's vocabulary, but she's working on doing more. More than anything Tot wanted to score a goal this season and it didn't happen. She got closer though and her team was there to support her. Sadly this was her last year for recreational soccer. From this point she'll have to chose either travel or the friendship league. We aren't on the travel track and as of now Tot is saying she wants to continue playing. Friendship league it is. The group of girls Tot plays with are amazing. Amazing! They are kind, supportive, and encouraging. Sadly, many are being moved up to the U12 league, so Tot would have to play up an age level to stay with them. We all think staying with the group is better than the challenge of moving up. Tot is ready for the challenge!

Blue really struggled this season with getting on the field independently. He spent a lot of time whining and sometimes crying. It was painful for all of us on many days. Although this kid has a great combination of skill and just the right aggression, he won't stay on the field long enough to exercise those skills. I'm open for soccer or no soccer with this kid. If we could leave the whining at home that would be a bonus.