Monday, May 9, 2016


Have I mentioned how much I love that these guys are so close in age and get to grow up together? Both Bee and I grew up with our cousins in our lives. For Bee, his cousins are still fairly local and we spend holidays with them and even vacation with them semi-regularly. I love the connection these cousins (and their other cousins) have.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

It was a lovely, lovely Mother's Day. My mom came into town and we started the day at church. It was a very nice service that focused on supporting all women as we all raise our children together, no matter what stage of life we may be in. The church also gave all the women in the congregation, mothers and non-mothers alike, a beautiful necklace that includes a scripture to "be strong." 
Afterwards, my brother and nephews caught up with us and we all went out to brunch. Of course the kids really enjoyed playing with each other and my mom proclaimed that it was the best Mother's Day she had had in a "long time."
For me, it was filled with my family and love and that's all I can ask for.
I should add that Blue was with us but we took a "girls only" photo and never got back to one that included him.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Fruits of My Labor

Today was the first sunny day in a long stretch of gloom and gray and rain. I jumped at the chance to get outside and bought our vegetable plants and a few other small annuals. I took Tot and Blue with me to make the purchases and I love their excitement with getting plants and watching them grow. Bean also shares this excitement and both girls are currently growing several seeds in various containers in our kitchen.
Growing up we had a garden and while I remember the products of that garden, I don't remember much about the process. I'm trying to keep the girls in the loop with the vegetable plant process here, but to be honest, they aren't particularly interested in coming outside to baby the plants with me. That's probably also why I don't remember the garden proess as a kid either.
At this new house we haven't established a garden plot, mostly because it would require some extensive deer proofing and we haven't quite gathered up the motivation to do that yet. For now, everything is planted in the flower beds around our house and it has worked out fairly well. The soil isn't great, but I'm trying.
I do hope they'll get to watch some of the plants they selected grow into full blown vegetable producing wonders, and then actually eat the fruits of their mom's labor. The actuality is that they'll just turn up their noses, but whatever.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Night Leftovers: The Perpetually Behind Edition

  • I cannot catch up with this blog. For a while I was consistently two weeks behind, now it's three weeks. What's next, a month? I'll have to make a decision about just sucking it up and moving on if it gets to that point. I've gone SO long with writing every day, I can't imagine throwing two, three, or four weeks out now.
  • My birthday is this week and I'm feeling more and more my age all the time. It's the little things like plugging in a vacuum and straining my neck. For real. 
  • This past week I went to a mom's group for the first time ever. More on that later.
  • We have had a ridiculous amount of rain here lately. Like weeks and weeks at a time. The kids have barely had soccer practice or games this season. It's been pretty disappointing for them, especially Blue. 
  • Tot had her second state level assessment this week. Have I mention how much I hate these standardized tests and the pressure it puts on the kids? I'm hoping she'll maybe pass her math test. She's come so far this year, so fingers crossed. 
  • Tomorrow Bee and I are joining friends (adults only!) for my birthday dinner. Have I mentioned how much I love restaurants without kids? It has become one of my greatest pleasures.

Thursday, May 5, 2016


Bean is our old soul. She is insightful, reflective, and incredibly emphatic. Last week she came home with a song she had written. The name of the song is "I Don't Fit In." Of course, upon reading it I went into Mama Bear mode and started asking a million questions. "Is this about you?" "Do you feel like you don't fit in?" "Do other people make you feel like you don't fit in?" "Who are these kids?"
Repeatedly and convincingly Bean says it isn't about her, but about how some other kids might feel. She is pretty in tune with her feelings and emotions and when there is something wrong, she doesn't hesitate to put it out there, so I do believe her when she says this isn't about her. I also don't see her as not fitting in, convincing me even more. She says some kids may not have friends and may feel left out and that makes her sad for them.
Now she would like to know if we can take her to a recording studio so she can record her song. She was able to come up with a melody, which I thought was impressive, but I informed her we would have to wait for her recording contract first. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

More Toys

Bee has decided to embrace the part of the country that includes "things with wheels." In particular, he's particularly found of ATVs. I trust his judgment with finding and buying toys that will be safe (as safe as riding an ATV goes). So when he found another toy for the kids, I was pretty indifferent about getting it. I can't argue too much though since my argument for the chickens was "if we are going to make this country life move, we are going to go all out and do it right." So far only Tot is allowed to drive it, but Bean can drive with an adult. So far, it's been a huge hit. Shocker, right?

Monday, May 2, 2016

This Year in Daisies

I'm slightly worried posting this for fear of the internets being too big and reaching the wrong people. With that being said, I'm doing it anyway because this is our story.

Because Bean started in Girl Scouts while she was in preschool (she was five, so she was old enough), this is her third year in Daisies. In those three years, she's had four troop leaders. Leaders one through three left a lot to be desired. A LOT. I'm not even sure she knew she was in Daisies. If it wasn't for Tot's experiences in Girl Scouts and dragging Bean along with us, I don't think Bean would have gotten anything out of those earlier troops.

This year we joined a new troop and talk about different! The pendulum has completely swung in the opposite direction. First, let me caveat this next section by saying that Bean has had an amazing, amazing experience and that is exactly what I wanted for her. With that being said, I've been quite overwhelmed with the troop this year. I don't feel like I belong. Many of the moms' Daisy girls are their first children. Most moms are stay at home parents or only have one or two kids. And then there's me. I feel like the total hot mess of the group, despite the fact that I'm semi running on normal. Three kids, all three in activities, and working full time are not necessarily conducive to weekly Girl Scout activities. I'm more of a twice a month, drop off Girl Scout mom. Dance, soccer, and everything in between is where I'm hands on, but I've definitely taken a bit of a back seat with Girl Scouts. Although I'm sure it's not the case, I often feel like I'm the only one not attending or participating, but ultimately, we just can't. We have so much all the time and it's impossible to participate in every activity, sometimes even half of them.

The point is that this troop has been amazing for Bean this year. It has not been amazing for me. It's hard when you don't feel like the other moms are "your people." This is no one's fault or shortcoming, it's a matter of life stages and things in common. I am keeping her in this troop next year and I know that she'll be learning so much. I might learn a few things too.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Daddy Daughter Camping

This weekend, Bee and the girls went camping and four wheeling together. This has become a yearly event that the girls really look forward to. I think that the day Blue is old enough to participate is going to be a sad one for the girls. They love this time with their daddy.
Bee and a tree had a little accident during the four wheeling trails. Tot's face says it all.
Look at these cuties! And yes, Tot is wearing Bee's sweatshirt that says "All I care about is my Jeep, beer, and like three other people"

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Chelsea... To Adopt or Not

After approximately ten days of fostering 12 year old Chelsea, we decided that we were ready to make a decision about whether or not we wanted to officially adopt her.
It wasn't a terribly hard decision. After all, there was lots of this: 
And this:
A ton of this:
This too, of course:
Some of this office help:
As much of this as possible:
And even more of this:
Of course, this was nice too:
So we decided to make it official. We've adopted Chelsea into our family and lives. At twelve she's pretty well established in her routines and habits. She's a poop eater and a poop roller. She's a lab/ retriever who loves to eat. She's a great listener. She doesn't have food control issues and she's not a runner. She's responsive on a leash and she loves to have her belly rubbed. She and Mollygirl co-exist and she's been great with the cat, the chickens, and the kids so far.
She has some chronic health issues, to include a lifetime of ear infections that we have yet to get under control. She's a little slow but her mobility has already increased in the short time she's been with us.
While we know her time with us may be limited, we hope to give her a wonderful end of life. Welcome home to Chelsea!