Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Get Your Tents And Outdoor Skirts

For the past three years Bee and some of his friends have been attending a Breast Cancer fundraiser event that includes trail rides and camping. Every year, they load up the Jeeps and hit the trails. Every year, Tot has gone along. It has become a Daddy and child event with the guys.
This year Bee began contemplating whether or not he should bring Bean. She's been asking to go, but let's be real. This is Chicken Little we're talking about. The one who is afraid of everything and complains that her legs are tired if she has to walk down the street. I'm not trying to pigeonhole my child, but she's a self-proclaimed princess.
Despite all these facts, Bee decided to take the leap and will be bringing her along on the camping and trail riding trip.
I was talking to Bean about what she might want to bring on her trip and as we were going through her clothes she stated, "I'm looking for an outdoor skirt."
Of course.
Then she grabbed a "I'm a Princess" shirt to go with it.
Good luck Bee.
Good luck.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Let The Games Begin

We've hit the two year old wall. The insane tantrums have begun. You know the kind- screaming, flailing, floundering on the ground as if there is a torturous shock treatment going on. The boy is out of control but I would like to commend him on his time out tactics.
Tot was a crier. She was a remorseful time-outter. She was sorry and sad she broke the rules. She couldn't wait to get out of time out.
Bean was a smiler. She was a too cool time-outter. She could care less that she was in time out and she would even let you know by sticking her tongue out now and then.
Blue is a slinker. He slithers and slinks his way from the time out chair to the floor. Then he alternates between screaming because he's furious he got caught and calling your name in an effort to manipulate you with his cuteness.
Little does he know we are well versed on two year old behavior. Nice try little cute boy.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

This was by far the most low key Easter we've had in years, or maybe ever. We had no plans. None. The kids got modestly "filled" Easter baskets. Books, stickers, notepads, crafts, a Jeep for the boy, a jumprope for Bean, and some highlighters for Tot, and because I'm not the worst mother in the world, they did get few pieces of candy. Then I hid approximately 140 eggs. First, why do I have 140 eggs in our basement? Second, why did I use every coin in my possession to fill these eggs with money, trinkets, and a few pieces of candy? And then, do you know how long it takes to hide 140 eggs versus find 140 eggs? It's like cooking Thanksgiving dinner. You spend all day preparing and it's over in ten minutes. It was so worth it though.
While the girls had a great time, the boy was thrilled to find eggs. Thrilled. I must also give kudos to the girls because they were very sweet about leaving the easier to find eggs for the boy so he could hunt as well. They were very, very sweet about sharing with their little brother.
At the end of the day, we all enjoyed a full day outside, mostly playing and hanging out with each other. Success all around.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Night Leftovers: The Going Outside Edition


  • I've been behind on the blog for over two weeks now. I just can't seem to catch up. This seems to be a theme in my life these days.
  • Kids are weird. Weird because they wake up you at 1:00 a.m. and ask, "Can you scratch my arm?" (culprit = Bean).
  • My skin crawls when people use the word "sissy" to refer to sisters. Ugh. I don't mind calling someone "sister" but "sissy"? I loathe it. LOATHE it. Of course, to each their own because this is my own issue, but you will never, in a gazillion years, hear "sissy" come out of my mouth when referring to a sister.
  • Despite the fact that I was dreading this week of Spring Break after having the kids home so much this winter, it has actually turned out pretty nicely. I think having nice weather and getting the kids outside has made a huge, giant difference in manageability. 
  • Speaking of getting outside, going outside with all three kids has gotten much easier. I can actually sit and read while they play now. This is the first time ever there hasn't been a baby trying to eat grass, a kid running into the road, or someone demanding something while they play.
  • And more on outside- we got rid of the baby swing. The boy has zero interest. We put the third "big kid" swing up and the boy swings on his belly like nobody's business. 
  • The boy can also climb the rock wall on our swing set. He's two! Insane.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tourists At Home

Since our discussions about moving away, I've been trying to make a conscious effort to really appreciate all the things our area has to offer. We're about an hour from the Nation's Capital and it's important that the girls (and the boy) get to experience as much as possible.
Today we started out by going to see the planes take off from National Airport, but after about twenty (okay, maybe ten) planes the kids were done.
Tot had been asking to see some of the memorials, so we drove around, parked, and visited the Jefferson and George Mason memorials. I continue to be amazed at how interested and engaged they are with the memorials and sites of D.C. All the more reason we need to do it more often.
You'll notice a theme with the pictures with the kids. Two smiling girls and an uncooperative boy. I stopped even trying to get him to participate. He's running, turning his back, and generally being two in almost every picture.
 Watching planes at Gravely Point. This plane was particularly high. Usually they are right over your head.

 Look! All of us!
 I got one chance to take a picture with everyone looking and the plane overhead. I forgot the camera was still set on the timer. I missed it. 
 The Jefferson Memorial (and can you see all that pollen?!?)
 There goes the boy.
 At the Tidal Basin. And... refusing to cooperate. 
 Don't they look superimposed?

These two look so much alike. And the boy? A blur.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: The Smasher

The girls got a grow your own butterfly kit for Christmas and we were finally able to order the caterpillars. It is taking everything the boy has not to smash these things. Thankfully we have them out of reach as we wait for the chrysalis and then butterflies to grow.