Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Zoo

After years of summer zoo trips, we changed it up this year and went in the fall. It wasn't totally intentional, it was more a result of running out of time this summer. It was one of the better trips we've had in a while. So much fun all around!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Santa Claus is Coming To Town


Is it wrong that I convinced my children that Santa came to visit last week?

Bee had to get on the roof and work on the chimney. He was talking to me through the fireplace and wood stove. Then... I had a great idea. Why not have Santa come for a visit?

I'm pretty sure the kids have watched this about thirty times now. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Chicken Names

Tomorrow we are getting two new chickens. A local farm is getting rid of some older chickens for $5 and I've decided we are snatching a couple.

The girls have decided to name one together.  Their name? Polka Dot.

Blue has also named one. Rock and Roll Spiderman. That's right. This kid's chickens are called Dinosaur Monster and Rock and Roll Spiderman.

We might have the most interesting chicken names for miles. (Hootie, Birdie, Snowball, Dinosaur Monster, Polka Dot, and Rock and Roll Spiderman... RIP Kitty, April, and Jerk.)

Thursday, September 24, 2015


I am getting Blue ready for bed.

Me: "I'm going to go say good night to girls."
Blue: "Okay. Run! You don't have to walk.
Blue: "I'm serious."

Clearly he wanted me to return quickly. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: The First Grade Edition

Perhaps you'll remember my comment that I think our little first grader has too much time on her hands in school and might not be challenged. Yeah... that. This is the kind of thing that comes home. Multiple pieces of art work. Every single day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Anxiety: Pint Size Version

I have anxiety. This is no secret.
I've seen flashes of it in Tot and Bean throughout their lives but it hasn't become an issue.
I see more of it in Blue than both girls put together.

First let me say this: I think Blue and Bean are introverts. While they are social, they are classic in that they get their energy from being alone. Blue is also very sensitive. He has a strong grasp on his emotions and feelings and is really good with sharing them. This is semi-important for the context of the following blog but more on that later...

Blue is awful in large social situations with same age peers. AWFUL! This is why the transition to his new preschool was so hard for him.

All Blue has talked about for months is soccer. He wants to play! He was so excited about his "game" this past weekend. On Saturday, as we got closer to the field and a few other kids, he started melting. It was a nightmare. He started uncontrollably screaming and crying about not wanting to play with the other children. He absolutely, under no circumstances wanted to be part of the group. He has two go to phrases in social situations with kids his age, "I'm scared" and "They are going to laugh at me." I have no idea where the second phrase/ worry comes from and when I've talked to him about it outside of these stressful situations, he can't explain or expand on it. He also only says these things with kids who are about his age. If they were older, or if they were Bean's or Tot's friends, he would jump right in. At one point he actually asked if he could go play with the big kids instead of his team. That's how much he wanted to avoid them.

On Saturday, in addition to his normal two concerns he was also saying that the other kids were going to "kick him." I think he just grasps for anything to verbalize any and all feelings associated with the situation.

He was crying and yelling so much as we tried to talk him down that I had to physically take him to another field and give him a personal time out. Eventually he was able to regroup and Bee and the girls were able to get him to play soccer beside the field where his soccer team was playing. This took us at least forty-five minutes though. It was no easy road. In the last ten minutes, he agreed to hold my hand and play soccer with the other kids. I ran up and down the field with him while he played soccer with his teammates. He was never able to do it independently.

This isn't a shy issue. I think it's an anxiety issue. He is genuinely worried in group situations with his peers. It makes me sad for him, especially since he is so little. The girls (and most kids) were pretty carefree at this age but this guy is agonizing about being part of a group. We know this about him so we try to get to places early so he doesn't have to walk into the group but the group sort of forms around him. Sometimes this is successful and sometimes not (this past weekend). It's a tough one and it's a situation I hope will fix itself with time and maturity. In the meantime, it's both frustrating and heartbreaking.

Monday, September 21, 2015

*Heart* Sprain

Last night we went to the neighbor's house for dinner. While we were inside chatting, the kids were outside on the trampoline. Bean managed to hurt herself to the point where she couldn't walk. By the end of the night her foot was bruised and swelling.
This morning we decided to keep her home from school, and just to be safe, we took her to urgent care for an x-ray.
Here's what she thought about that:
In the end, nothing was broken, but she did sprain her foot. She's hobbling around but should make a full recovery in no time at all.
(I should also mention that she loved, loved, loved her non-sick day home with Daddy.)