Thursday, April 7, 2016

To Rescue

This week, a sweet old girl who had been surrendered to a local humane society organization appeared in my Facebook newsfeed.
This is Chelsea. She is currently 12. She was surrendered because she was unwanted. I got a few more specifics about her story, but we can leave that there.
We aren't really "in the market" for a dog. As a matter of fact, our last try with a foster went horribly awry (see "Teddy bites Blue's face"). But, I will say, we didn't know much about Boxers, I'm not sure that Teddy was really full boxer, and the organization we fostered him through did a whole lot of things wrong... so who knows what we really got.
We know this breed. We know this organization. 
I can't stop thinking about Chelsea. So, Bee and I decided to throw our names, and our application, into the pot to see if we were a good match for her.
We a call to set up an appointment to come and meet her. To be continued...

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Beyonce's Single Ladies comes on the radio.

Blue: "Hey! It's the Chipmunks?"

Monday, April 4, 2016

Snake in the Road

When you move to the country, you quickly need to learn the difference between good and bad snakes.  Then you learn why you shouldn't kill the good snakes (because... good-bye bad snakes). So imagine my conundrum as I came home from work and found this (good) snake sprawled out in the middle of the road. If it was in any other place, I could go around it, but it was right at the creek, so I was stuck.
So what to do? Throw a stick at it of course! That will surely get him out of the road! Right? Wrong. That just made him angry.
The next answer? Call Bee to come and "save" me (and the snake), of course.
Thankfully Bee was able to safely relocate the guy to the grass.
Let's be clear though. This guy was not pleased with this turn of events. At least he didn't find himself under some car tires. Hopefully he slithered off to kill a few copperheads with all that pent up aggression.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Another Milestone

In a child's life, there are big milestones: Sitting up, crawling, saying their first word, walking, going off to school...

But there are also those milestones that only a parent can really, really appreciate:  Feeding themselves, potty training, wiping their own butt.

And then, there are the milestones that parents of multiple children can appreciate:  Pumping their legs on the swing so we don't have to push them endlessly, showering independently, and... drumroll please... our newest in house milestone... mastering the ponytail.

That's right friends. No longer do I have to put hair in ponytails in this house. Ponytails mastered.

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Tot definitely, absolutely, hands down has a best friend. These two girl are serious buddies. Today we had her and her parents over for dinner and these two spent quite a while wheeling around the country road together. When I say they "get" each other, I mean they "get" each other.
It makes me sad that they'll be separated in middle school but I hope we can continue to nurture their relationship and keep them close during those years since they'll come back to high school together.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Little Artists

Today we celebrated two very cute girls whose work was submitted to our county art show.
Monet Seascape

And, introducing:
Food Collage

And of course, you have "the dot" girl herself.

Thursday, March 31, 2016


Perhaps you know a little about narcolepsy?
But, do you know about carpolepsy?
Carpolepsy: The act of falling asleep in the car within minutes of car movement, even if you are driving two miles away.
Bean suffers from an extreme case of carpolepsy. This kid can't get into a car without falling asleep. Now, if you want to offer her a nap before or after she rides in the car, it won't happen... but in the car? That's all she wrote.
Sometimes Bee and I have to drive down the road almost yelling back at her just to keep her awake. The fallout of carpolepsy is that once she's asleep, even for a minute, her wake up attitude stinks.
While I also suffer from a mild form of carpolepsy, this kid takes the cake.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Happy Birthday Tot!

Today we celebrated this gorgeous girls' tenth birthday! 
This has been a big year developmentally for Tot. She has moved out of the play-silly stage to a more mature place. It makes me a little sad to see her letting go of some of the behaviors, but excited at the same time.

Just look at where we've come. Oh, the little chubby face!

And now? Here we are. 
Here we are at this big kid.
Double digits. 
This was an epic birthday for this kid.
We started her celebration weeks ago with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge with her BFF. Then we celebrated over the weekend with family. And today? 
Today she took donuts to school to share with her friends. I met her for lunch and brought her the meal of her choice, which was Chick-Fil-A. She was picked up after school by our neighbor who took her to get ice cream. Then, we went to dinner at the Japanese Steakhouse where the girl got to bang the birthday gong. 
I'd say it was a pretty full and exciting day for this double digit girl.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bunch of Beggars

Who needs a begging dog when you have begging chickens?