Monday, July 21, 2014

The Definition of Epic

Remember that tease the other day about Bean and the rides at the amusement park?
And yes, she did ride it again after this first epic ride. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Meeting Time

We had Tot's IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meeting last week. We were very pleased with the plan. Although we needed to tweak some of her goals, she will be receiving support in the classroom for math for about an hour a day. We've started talking with Tot about this and she is excited about the idea of getting more help to support her math work. Of course we'll have to wait to see how this unfolds, but we are pleased with the plan as it stands now.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Daddy-O

Happy birthday to the best husband and daddy in the whole world!
We love you Daddy-o

Friday, July 18, 2014

Chicken Little: The Conquerer

Chicken Little's name is well earned. She is a chicken and she always has been. Perhaps you'll remember these pictures from 2012 and 2013:
 2012: Crying on the carousel
2013: Smiling on the kid rides
This year Chicken Little took the rides to a whole new level. She rode everything she possibly could. I was astonished and impressed with her. There was nothing she rode this year that she cried about or refused to ride again.
So proud of her!
Which leads to the best picture of all time....

To be continued.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vacation Recap Part II

Albeit very late, here's the second recap of the vacation pictures.

We all enjoyed the waterpark for a few hours one day. Clearly Bean cannot stand to even squint long enough to take a picture. It took Bean and Blue a little while to warm up to the park but once they did, they didn't want to leave. Tot and Bean both loved the waterslides!
 We went out one night for an Olaf sandman building contest and movie. Tot and her cousin A made this melting Olaf and...
 ...Bean and her cousin J made a castle and mountain (I'm not sure what happened to the Olaf theme here). Sadly none of them won.
 Although the kids were ready for the movie Frozen, the wind won and the movie was cancelled. 
 We enjoyed dinner and happy hour for my sister-in-law's birthday

 And of course, everyone, and I do mean everyone, loved Jolly Rogers and the rides. 

 A certain boy thought the rides were nothing less than awesome.
 I spent my time riding quite a few rides as well.

 Even a little baby roller coaster!
 A certain someone rode a lot of the big girl rides and really enjoyed herself this year!
 We had an endless ride pass and this kid rode these motorcycles at least twenty times. No exaggeration. 
 I love how confident she is on the obstacle course. She flew through it this year.

 And check it out! Chicken Little did it too! She totally rocked it.
 She was focused and determined and refused to wait for photo opportunities.

 More and more rides on the boardwalk...

Lots and lots of pure joy!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What I'll Miss Part II

When we move, I'll miss the office where Bee built me bookshelves to hold a gazillion books (that were in storage at the time of this photo). It took me years to find everything I wanted to decorate it. I have spent many hours working (and working) in that office and it is a place where I have professionally grown (and cried, on occasion). My office has been my refuge on some days and a dreaded place to finally finish some work on other days.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Move: An Update

Buying and selling a house is downright stressful. Really, really stressful. Generally speaking, I do not handle bumps in the road very well. My anxiety goes through the roof and I worry about every little thing. I've come to realize that this moving process is one giant bump in the road after another.

On the buying front we are moving forward with the purchase. We are coming to the end of our own home sale contingency and on top of that the sellers are getting ready to receive a back up offer so we would have to make a decision either way. Our decision is to move forward with the purchase even though our house hasn't sold.

On the selling front... what a frustrating process. Apparently our zip code is at an unprecedented low for July. Nothing is happening in our zip code. No one is looking, no one is touring, and no one is buying (well except for the other people who are trying to snag our new house). After ten days we have only had two people come through. This is unheard of and absolutely absurd. We have been told that we are priced right, our house is and has all it needs to sell but the market is dead right now. It's the old "it's not you, it's me" problem. There is nothing we can do right now but wait. We do remain confident it will sell though.

Overall we are all still very excited about the new house. We are unsure about what to expect because we've never not been in a neighborhood, but the potential at our new house is limitless. That makes us all so excited. The girls are still ready to make the move and emotionally, Bee and I are committed.

I've been hesitant to share pictures of the new house for fear that if I say it's real then somehow we'll lose it. I also know how silly that is, so I'm including a few peeks now.

View from the porch:
 Front porch:
 Side porch:
 Back area (terrace and fire pit):