Sunday, July 12, 2015


Blue is rubbing my back in an effort to delay bedtime while I'm reading him a story.

Blue: "Mommy, that feel better?"
Me: "Yes, thank you for scratching my back."
Blue: "What's this?"
Me: "That's my bra."
Blue: "Oh, I thought it was mulch."

What the what?

Saturday, July 11, 2015


Bean: "I want a service dog."
Me: "Why?"
Bean: "Just because."
Me: "You know what a service dog is for, right?"
Bean: "Yeah, to help people."
Me: "So why do YOU want a service dog."
Bean: "So I can be lazy."

You can't make this stuff up.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Camping, At Least Some of Us

This weekend Bee took the girls camping with his sister and some friends. From the pictures I've been sent, they are having an amazingly wonderful time:

Of course, the boy and I enjoyed a little quality time ourselves. You know, window shopping for golf carts and tractors and jumping and jumping and jumping at a bounce house.

And did I mention a birthday party too? Because yes, that!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Not So Lazy Days

Although the summer started off at a simmer, it has evolved into a more chaotic version of its former lazy, relaxing self. We are currently at a slow boil. I'm not sure what changed, but wow. The kids aren't in any more activities than usual, I'm not working more than usual, nothing seems wildly different on paper. But it sure does feel different. 
Maybe it is the three-year-old who demands more and more every day. Maybe it is still the residual of moving into a new place and the responsibilities that come with figuring out how to handle a new house and property. 
Maybe we've just been more active, more busy. We have been to the pool a heck of a lot. 
I'm not sure, but it's not the kicked back summer days that I remember of my childhood, or even the less chaotic days of years past. 
Maybe we will turn a corner or maybe this is par for the course for us now. Either way, I'm dreaming of a humidity free day, swinging in a hammock, with a tasty drink in hand. What? Okay fine. How about a day where children don't have anywhere to go, Bee and I have no work to finish, and children get along fabulously while playing with toys? One can dream.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Cuddlebug

Despite the fact that this big boy is getting so very big, he still loves to cuddle and every once in a while, will still fall asleep on his mama.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Potty Training

My children's potty training has been directly correlated with their stubbornness.
Bean is our least stubborn child. She was potty trained when she was two.
Tot is the next in line. She was three.
And then there is Blue. So. Very. Stubborn. And... so difficult to potty train. He is about three and a half.

We've tried everything. We've tried buying him awesome underwear. We've let him pick underwear. We've put him in underwear and let him get wet. We've put him in nothing. We've offered every single incentive you could imagine. Nothing has been effective. Nothing.

Much like his older sister, once he decides he is ready, he'll cooperate. And finally, we are beginning to have a little cooperation. Let the games begin!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Social Web

In my family, I am the oldest. Oldest child, oldest grandchild. Growing up, I had no idea what happened in the world of the second and third child. I am in awe of the phenomena that surrounds the socialization of the second and third child.
As the oldest, I am watching Tot make lots of friends in school. Her friends are all her age, maybe a year younger.
As the second oldest, I am watching Bean make lots of friends in school. Her friends are her age, and a year or so older.
As the third child, I am watching Blue make friends in school and receive adoration from his sisters' friends. His friends are his age and years older.
I had no idea how much the oldest child paved the way socially for the other two. The siblings of friends become the friends for the next child, the friends of one child becomes the friend of the other... it's a web of socialization.
I always enjoyed being the oldest but I have to say, in the friend/ social department, being second or third is pretty awesome.