Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fashion Show

Tomorrow is the first day of school. A certain someone decided she wanted a dress for her first day. So, I bring you the first day of school fashion show (with my crappy cell phone camera). Anyone want to guess which two she selected? Guesses on which one her sister chose at home looking at this pictures?

Dress 1:
Dress 2:
Dress 3:
Dress 4:
Dress 5:
And the choices were...

Tot's first choice: Dress 4 and second choice: Dress 5

Bean's first choice: Dress 1 and second choice: Dress 3

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cute Baby Saturday: Jump Jump

We got a trampoline! It seems to be going well.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Days 2-5

A report on the rest of Blue's week:

Day 2: He settled in more quickly. He cried when I picked him up because he wanted daddy to get him. He had seconds at lunch (meatloaf and fruit). He said he had fun and wants to go tomorrow. 

Day 3: He had a very, very rough drop off. I ended up calling two hours into his day. His teacher and the director reported that he struggled on and off during the day. His pick up went fine but he did not have much to say. Needless to say, I have Mommy guilt big time.

Day 4: There was only a little crying at drop off. The school set up a behavior chart so he could earn stickers and one M&M. He brought home several several pieces of artwork. He had an accident at school, his first in a very long time.

Day 5: Drop off was much better. He earned stickers and an M&M. He seemed content at pick up but wanted it to be known that he wanted to return to his old school the next week. 

Baby steps.

Change is hard.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mommy Guilt

My mommy guilt has been on overdrive this week. I know that some of it corresponds to Blue going to a new preschool, the girls returning to school next week, and me returning to work. After what feels like an eternity of part time work, last year didn't feel so awful. I felt like I was still there for the kids and I wasn't depriving them of anything they needed. This year, the return to work just feels awfully hard as I drop Blue off at his new preschool so he can get acclimated this week.

The feelings of not being enough and not doing enough are real.

I feel guilty about working more with Blue than I did when the girls were younger.
I feel guilty that I will have to work late on first day of school.
I feel guilty that we didn't get to the zoo this summer. 
I feel guilty that I can't give my kids all the nutritious and unprocessed foods I dream of providing.
I feel guilty about not being enough.

Parenting is so hard and the guilt is so real. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Friends and Chickens

A year ago, I could never have dreamed that our girls, and their friends, would be outside of our house feeding our chickens.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I mentioned yesterday that Blue is taking naps at school and that we long ago eliminated them at home.
There is good, good reason why we cut the naps out of his days.

Napping for Blue is like giving him speed. That kid is out of control, for hours and hours at a time. Bedtime rolls around about ten o'clock or later because he cannot settle down.

Toddler on naps = toddler on speed. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Report on the First Day

Blue's first day at his new preschool went as follows:
  • He had a really rough morning. He was inconsolable at times, but did settle in. 
  • The summary of discussion we had on way home: 
    • He doesn't want girls in his class (that's weird because it wasn't all boys at his old school). 
    • The snowman made him sleepy. (Sandman??)
    • He took a nap!!!! (This is a big deal because napping is a thing of the past at home).
    • He went out in a "wittle" rain on the big playground. 
    • The best part? Chicken nuggets and applesauce.  
    • The lady pushed him in too tight at lunch. I asked if he told her and he said he didn't know how. (I'm assuming she pushed his chair in and he was too close to the table. This is also an issue at home... except he loudly lets us know we've pushed him too close).
    • He didn't like the ketchup. (Ummmm, he doesn't like any ketchup).
  • I asked if the teachers were nice, he said yes but he doesn't know what to do. (Poor guy doesn't like change).
  • I asked him about going tomorrow and he said no, he wants to go back today.