Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Night Leftovers: The Summer Planning Edition

  • Double fist pump! We had our second full week of school this week. Number two since mid-December. Maybe we'll get one or two more before Spring Break.
  • I had a meeting at Tot's school on Monday regarding testing her for special education. We decided to sign off to get some testing done. In that meeting I was also asked about what I did for work, so the whole I-have-a-PhD-in-Special-Education thing came out. 
  • Tot's birthday party is on Sunday. As of Friday, I still haven't heard from six people. Just RSVP! C'mon!!!
  • We suspect that Bean has some sort of food dye allergy. She randomly gets all itchy and breaks out in a rash. It has happened a few times but we haven't started any sort of food diary. It will need to be done if this continues.
  • I've enrolled the girls for their second week of summer camp. So far, it's Girl Scouts and art. I love camps. 
  • We've also planned our beach vacation. Now that we know we will be staying here, we are on this summer planning business. We're trying to think of something new to do this summer, but so far, we've come up short. Maybe a lake house somewhere? I must have water, that's for sure.
  • Today I showed Tot the blog and tried to explain it to her. I'm not sure she got it, but she loved looking through the pictures.


The Captain's Wife said...

Oh oh oh !!!! Come up here! Maybe NH! We can rent adjoining cabins or something on a lake! Bee and T can take the girls fishing on out boat, while you and I drink and play with the boys on the beach! Sounds perfect. Just perfect!

HereWeGoAJen said...

I have been thinking about what to do with Elizabeth this summer. I think she's going to need something.

Mrs4444 said...

My kids went to camp for years. This year, my daughter will be a paid counselor at the same camp, and she is super-excited to bring the same joy to campers that she experienced. Sounds like your daughters have a fun summer ahead of them. Now, if it would just arrive!

Good luck with the IEP meeting.

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Have a great week!